Tickets and Clipper

Tickets and Clipper

Spending Your Fare

Young ones 4 and under trip free but everyone will need to have a legitimate bart solution or Clipper card. Evidence of re re payment is necessary.

To obtain the price of a particular bart journey, utilize the BART Fare Calculator.

Many BART channels have actually Clipper vending devices and solution vending devices which accept all U.S. coins and buck bills (excluding $50 and $100 bills). Choose machines accept debit and credit cards. Some purchasing restrictions use.

During the summer of 2019, BART began a pilot system that expanded how many channels where in actuality the only fare product readily available for purchase may be the Clipper card. Stations without admission vending devices include Embarcadero, Powell Street, nineteenth Street, Downtown Berkeley, Pittsburg Center and Antioch. Find responses to faqs right here.

There was a 50 cent surcharge per journey for Blue seats. The surcharge is going to be prorated for discount paper admission users in order that seniors and individuals with disabilities spend a 19 cent surcharge and youth spend a 25 cent surcharge. Cyclists are encouraged to get a Clipper Card to prevent the surcharge.

Youth 5-18 years of age have 50% off by having a youth Clipper card. Seniors age 65 and over get 62.5% off with A clipper that is senior card. See Clipper Discounts to learn more.

BART is performing a single 12 months test of mobile ticketing (through 12/2/19) aided by the BART to Airport application. It gives reduced mobile tickets up to 25per cent for team airport travel. Find out more about how it operates and download the app.

The excursion fare set on 1, 2020 is $6.20 january.

How exactly to Use Clipper

You simply need to “tag and go” to pay for your ride when you get to the fare gate. The fare that is correct be immediately deducted.

How exactly to Utilize Tickets

When you are getting to your fare gate, insert your ticket and it will be gone back to you. Make use of the ticket that is same you exit. The proper fare will be immediately deducted and seats with ukrainian women for marriage staying value will likely to be returned.

If you enter and exit in the exact same station you are charged an excursion fare. In the event that you enter a place and alter your thoughts, see an agent before leaving in order to avoid the excursion fare.

In the event that you ride BART but lack enough saved fare to leave the section, the fare gate will read “UNDERPAID: VISIT ADDFARE.” Addfare devices are found within the compensated area and are also money just. In the event that you don’t have sufficient cash to incorporate the minimal stability to leave the place, please consult with the facility Agent for access to the free area to include value.

Discount Tickets and Smart Cards

BART fares are set with a mileage-based formula, consequently time-based passes ( ag e.g., weekly or month-to-month) are not available. You cannot purchase BART discount seats from the vending machine during the place. BART discount seats are just offered through the mail as well as in person at chosen retail vendors throughout the Bay region.

Regional Clipper Card

Clipper is really a local card that is smart deals with many Bay region transportation operators. It really is handled because of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

To obtain a card straight away, buy one at Clipper vending devices in BART channels. Some purchasing limitations use. Or use in person at a Clipper customer care Center.

To have a Clipper discount card and get the BART 50% discount for youth (age 5 to 18 years) or 62.5% discount for seniors (age 65 and over) distribute the application by mail, fax or email to get the card via mail. It is important to bring paperwork age that is verifying (as an example: driver’s license, photo ID card or delivery certification).

To get more information check out Clipper Discounts.

There is certainly a $3 charge whenever you buy the card however it is long and reusable lasting.

The local Clipper card is the simplest fare payment option given that it has autoload and stability protection features whenever card is registered.

Utilizing Clipper at BART can be cheaper since you don’t need certainly to pay a paper solution surcharge.