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Y haplogroup J within the trendy Balkans is mainly represented by the sub-clade J2b (also referred to as J-M12 or J-M102). Like E-V13, J2b is spread all through Europe with a seeming centre and origin in the Balkans.[6][7][133] Its family members inside the J2 clade are also present in excessive frequencies elsewhere in Southern Europe, particularly Greece and Italy, where it is extra numerous. J2b itself is fairly uncommon outside of ethnic Albanian territory (the place it hovers around 14-16%), but can be found at significant frequencies amongst Romanians (8.9%)[a hundred thirty five] and Greeks (8.7%).[6] A skeleton dated BC present in a tumulus in Veliki Vanik, Croatia was examined optimistic for J2b2a-L283[136].

On the other hand, Dacian[116] and Thracian[118] seem to belong to satem. The three chief candidates considered by historians are Illyrian, Dacian, or Thracian, but there were other non-Greek groups in the ancient Balkans, together with the Paionians (who lived north of Macedon) and the Agrianians. «Following the Slavic invasions of the Balkans (sixth and seventh centuries CE) Common Albanian cut up into two major dialect complexes that can be identified today by a bundle of isoglosses operating through the center of Albania along and simply to the south of the river Shkumbini south of Elbasan, then along the course of the Black Drin (Drin i Zi, Crni Drim) via the middle of Struga on the north shore of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. The two major dialect groups are often known as Tosk (south of the bundle) and Gheg north of the bundle). Hammond, Nicholas (1976).

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Geography has played a large part in that survival; for the mountains of Montenegro and northern Albania have equipped the just about impenetrable residence base of the Illyrian-talking peoples. They had been probably the primary occupants, apart from nomadic hunters, of the Accursed Mountains and their fellow peaks, they usually maintained their independence when migrants such as the Slavs occupied the more fertile lowlands and the highland basins. Their language could lack the cultural qualities of Greek, nevertheless it has equaled it in its energy to outlive and it too is adapting itself beneath the title of Albanian to the situations of the modern world. Various genetic studies have been done on the European inhabitants, a few of them together with present Albanian population, Albanian-speaking populations exterior Albania, and the Balkan region as a complete.

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The three haplogroups most strongly associated with Albanian persons are E-V13, R1b and J-M172. E-V13 and J2-M12 (the mother or father clade of J-M172) are thought-about by Cruciani et al to each point out a particular «vary growth within the Bronze Age of southeastern Europe», having skilled considerable in situ population growth[8] after having being introduced in an precedent days with the spread of the Neolithic[130] into Europe. R1b, meanwhile, has been associated with the spread of Indo-European languages in Europe.[131] Within the Balkans, all three have a local peak in Kosovo, and are general more frequent among Albanians, Greeks and Vlachs than South Slavs (albeit with some representation amongst Macedonians and Bulgarians). R1b has much greater frequencies in areas of Europe further to the West, while E1b1b and J2 are widespread at decrease frequencies throughout Europe, and also have very large frequencies among Greeks, Italians, Macedonians and Bulgarians. Many linguists have tried to hyperlink Albanian with Illyrian, but without clear outcomes.[109][116] Albanian shows traces of satemization inside the Indo-European language tree, nevertheless the majority of Albanologists[117] hold that unlike most satem languages it has preserved the distinction of /okayʷ/ and /gʷ/ from /ok/ and /g/ earlier than entrance vowels (merged in satem languages), and there’s a debate whether Illyrian was centum or satem.

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